Wendy Williams comes back to her purple chair!!!

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  Wendy Williams has finally returned to her show on March 4th with high energy and A great big smile after all that has transpired over the last couple months. Once again Wendy was inspiring us with her lively, upbeat, and witty personality that we’re all used to seeing from her on the regular. Although there are many vicious rumors currently surfing the internet about her and her husband Kevin’s marriage she seems to not be showing any signs of what people have been describing lately.

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Matter fact Wendy blames this extended vacation on a thyroid issue which she had to get rushed to the hospital for so doctors could check her blood pressure and give her an M.R.I where later they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. She also explained that after the health incident she just wanted to take time to be with her family and with that I’m sure most people could understand.

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Although most people are upset that Wendy refuses to talk about the rumors and allegations against her and her husband Kevin have been surfacing. You gotta admit that it takes A strong woman to know what to talk about to her viewers and post all over the internet, it’s simply A stroke of genius how she handles her life’s situations. If you think about it as a viewer that’s not what you really wanna see anyway, I mean who really wants to pay to see someone who can’t pull themselves together.

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Wendy was literally back to her self and right as rain just like nothing ever happened. Coming from A fan who views her on the regular. I see it as an accomplishment and great example of maturity, who cares if we don’t get her to tell all the juicy details we get that enough from all the other bloggers.

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I really hope Wendy continues to host her own show because let’s face it, the show wouldn’t be the same without her. I hope whatever family issues she is dealing with at home would be resolved in A way that is most comfortable because no one wants family issues. No one likes A person who kicks people when they are down, neither should you be excited to see someones downfall.

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  • What do you think about Wendy’s return to the show?
  • How do you feel about her not wanting to discuss the rumors?
  • What do you want to see from Wendy as A fan?

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