“The Queens Supreme Court” T.S Madison & Tasha K discuss Wendy Williams & more…

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T.S Madison & Tasha K. show out on “The Queens Supreme Court” yesterday live on her YouTube channel for 2019!!

(see clip)…. T.S Madison & Tasha K twerkImage result for dish tea gif

    These two completely showed their assets’ discussing the latest news and trending topics on today’s social media. One of the major targets was the infamous Wendy Williams & when I tell you it was not pretty. T.S Madison called Wendy Williams to the stand for handling everybody else’s business except her own.

(watch clip)…….  T.S Madison & Tasha K read Wendy Williams

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When I tell you these two have no filter, & gives no fucKs!!! I don’t know who told these two chicks to get together but I swear I laughed so hard you could stick A fork in me cause I was too done. Don’t get me wrong they both were dead azz wrong, but they talked about subjects that needed to be discussed. Should they have gone as far as they did? I dont know……

Image result for T.S Madison & Tasha K   They also talked about Toni Braxton & BirdMan calling off their engagement, & man was it just too funny.

(see clip here)…..   Tasha K & T.S Madison talk about Toni Braxton & BirdMan

When I tell you these two left me with tears in my eyes watching them last night, & I know Toni would be cracking up her self if she was A subscriber.

Image result for laughing nene gif

Image result for Yasmine James

They also talked about Yasmine James the Mc. Donald worker who is suing after her altercation while trying to take a customers order.

(see clip)….    Yasmine McDonald’s altercation

I hope she does sue, you mean to tell me ya’ll are a billion dollar company and you can’t protect your employees better? I believe they said this man was A trained boxer, which means he has registered hands.


Image result for charlamagne tha god    Charlemagne Tha God & R. Kelly also came up with some very gory details. I myself refuse to blog about R.Kelly so you will have to go to Madison or Tasha K.’s Youtube channel to see it. On the other hand, they dug into Charlemagne too, and I’mma A let you be the judge of what they had to say.

(see clip)… Charlemagne Tha God


Image result for sip tea gif

I feel as if things may have went a little too far in the conversation but once again they also talked about things that should have been said. I am not a fan of bullying anyone or exposing someone’s personal life but when it harms the people around them then you begin to worry. But I totally enjoyed the way the show was put together last night on “The Queen Supreme Court” & will definitely be watching it again next week to what new juicy details are on the docket.

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  1. Do you think the topics on “The Queens Supreme Court” were to hot for T.V?
  2. What do you think about Wendy Williams strange disappearance after rumors of his mistress being pregnant?
  3. What would you do if you were the Mc Donald worker who was attacked on the job?

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