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I know I might be A bit late again on another awesome movie review but Nappily Ever After is one of the best women empowerment movies out there. Sanna Lathan plays another phenomenal part as Violet staring in this movie. In my opinion, it was such an accurate view of how reality can hit A woman of color in moments of depression stages.

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After A petty break up with her doctor boyfriend of two years, the character Violet goes in A downward spiraling depression mode that caused her to cut all of her hair and go through a lot of mental changes that she did not expect.

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Sanna Lathan plays the scene so natural & it was so relatable that you could see your self interacting the scene in your head. It also is A very good example that Depression is very real & I got to see one of my favorite actresses really play this role with some passion.

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Lynn Whitfield as Paulette Jones

Lynn Whitfield plays her mother Paulette Jones who was kind of that pushy mother that only learned it through her own insecurities, but it was never any ill intention, just coming from A mothers love.

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Ricky Whittle as Clint Conrad

Ricky Whittle plays her doctor boyfriend Clinton Conrad who she leaves after 2 years. It was actually A common argument that most women have about relationships these days, but if you want the details your gonna have to watch.

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In my opinion, this movie was very liberating & almost like A breath of fresh air. Most men who are attracted to women would never understand the daily issues of A woman always having to look the part, not to mention the money we invest in ourselves. But when can A woman be measured by her worth and not by the texture of her natural hair?

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I for one thought it was A beautiful movie & very empowering to women with all textures of hair. I do believe every woman at some point in her life has had to go through these emotional changes in her life whether weren’t handled differently or not. And if you haven’t I suggest you watch this movie just in case you just might go through something like this. I most definitely give this movie A five star, and if you haven’t seen it you need to see it, and if you did see it you need to see it again.

  • Have you seen Nappily Ever After? If you did what do you think of it?
  • Are you A fan of Sanna Lathan?
  • What are your views on women of color and their natural appearances?
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