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Sophie Turner,  stars as Jean Grey in this newest X-Men movie and I must say I’m slightly impressed with her performance and the energy she gave off in the scene. I loved how the moment she was suddenly possessed with the Dark Phoenix energy, she jumped right into character. Of course, most X-Men fans were originally expecting Famke Janssen for A second shot at the role but Sophie stepped in and filled the shoes quite nicely. In fact, I believe she has more of what you would call spice to play such a dynamic character.

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I truly am A fan of Jennifer Lawrence who we all know plays Mystique but unfortunately, they decided to give her character a little break. You don’t see her that much do to A tragic accident that occurred midway through the movie.

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Micheal Fassbender plays as Magneto. His part seems A bit bland in my opinion, but who actually wants to wear an entire costume and helmet all the time during A movie? So I believe he really got to express himself as A an actor, which is an awesome technique in playing A character.

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However, I was very impressed with Nicholas Hoult who plays the character of Beast. His role was also very subtle but very firm in character and strong in roll, this is actually the first time I’ve seen Best been played to my liking and standards.

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And I don’t know why but I always love the villains because Jessica Chastain playing as Vuk, who also gave A great show in order to take this movie to the next level. She is another actress that carried A strong presence and knew how to play her role and could jump into character. I wasn’t too sure about her character at first but she proved her self to be quite an adversary.

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Don’t shoot the messenger when I say, I do not believe that Alexandra Shipp was A perfect fit for Ororo Munroe, b.k.a. STORM. Some people argue that she was not exactly the same dark skin complexion that storm is none to have but for me what did was the height for her to play such a character. In my opinion, it takes A woman of certain caliber in order to pull off A character that has the power to control the winds and heavens at any moment. Not saying she wasn’t A good actress, it’s just maybe she would have been A better fit for A character like Jubilee or somebody who was in a shorter bracket.

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But of course, we all know the star of this movie was Sophie Turner so we couldn’t have too much of A distraction away from the actual character which was the Dark Phoenix. Which I feel like she did A marvouklus job at playing, and would love to see more from her in upcoming scenes.

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  1. Have you seen the Dark Phoenix movie yet and if so what do you think?
  2. What do you think about Alexandra Shipp playing as Storm?
  3. Who played their character the best in this movie in your opinion and why?

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