Jussie Smollett indicted 16 felony counts for filing A false statement!!!

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Jussie Smollett
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Ok, so this Jussie Smollett thing has been all over the internet and all over social media I tried my best not to even post about it but this seems to be getting way out of hand. I have had my own conversations with many people and we all know it’s a very messed up for you to gain A fan base off false allegations. Not only that but possibly convicting two individuals of A crime they had no mind to do without encouragement.

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(By the way, have you seen the bodies on the two Nigerian Men who were accused of attacking Jussie Smollett? Man do these two have sculptured rock hard bodies!!!) but any ways…..

The case was basically labeled as A felony disorderly conduct and was found guilty on 16 counts, even CNN reporters are saying it’s overkill. It’s just so much unraveling in this case and prosecutors are wanting to hit him hard. But is really Jussie Smollett we should be convicting of such a small crime? Should one single act of A white lie be taken with such drastic measures? Is there A bigger picture here that the media is trying to cover up?

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I’m not sure about such a harsh judgment over someone who was just seeking the wrong type of attention. I mean when you think about it there was no murder, or theft involved in the situation, and no one was actually hurt. Meanwhile, we have all kinds of sexual predators and people being falsely accused of crimes the did not commit.

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So who’s really the problem here, is it the superstar ( Jussie Smollett ) that has an over obsessive behavior with his fame, or is it social media and the judicial system that seems to over exaggerate everything? I don’t know, somebody please help me to understand because I don’t see A reason for such A harsh judgment, maybe we all could come up with something. Until next time this is Ja’Neys House of Beauty & I am signing out……https://www.janeyshouseofbeauty.com/jussie-smollett-indict…/

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  • What do of think of the decision the jury made on 16 felony counts?
  • If you were on jury duty on this case what would have been your decision?
  • What would you have done differently if you were Jussie?
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