Amazon Derma Roller benefits & my current review on the product.

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Another great product that is becoming a new crave is the Derma Roller. This device was made for the skin and hair to roll across the surface and open the pores.

Image result for open pores animation   I myself have not used the Derma Roller for the skin except maybe once or twice but I use it instead for regrowth purposes on the edges area. I find that it must be somewhat very beneficial if it wasn’t for the fact I’m always using some type of Hair Growth Oil with it. There are some cons in my opinion about the product when using it on the hairline area.   

Image result for Derma roller gif

 Image result for hair pain     The tiny needles do tend to catch and snag in your edges when rolling & I’m not trying to say that it will do major damage to your hair. But who wants that type of stress on their fresh new growth on their journey?     

    The Derma Roller is good for opening up dead areas in the skin in order for new hair follicles to form & grow.Image result for interesting gif


  1. Well, what are your takes on it?
  2. Have you used this product before?
  3. How did it work for you?
  4. What did you & didn’t you like about using the Derma Roller?


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