Chris Brown held in Paris Prison on rape allegations.

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So, Chris Brown is being detained in one of Paris‘s prisons on alleged charges claiming he rapped one of the women he had a rendezvous with at one of the nightclubs. Supposedly after the two enjoyed their night of drinks or whatever at the club they both agreed to go back to his hotel room.

Image result for hmmm gif  There was something kind of fishy to me when the reporter said they both agreed to go back to his hotel room which was A mutule consent from two adults. Now I’m not one to judge but maybe you should see what the reporter says about the incident on CBS News for yourself.

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   I’m trying to understand (no matter what country you’re in) why would you agree to go with three strange men (even if he was A superstar) to A hotel room by yourself after having a couple drinks with them?

Image result for smell a rat gif        I just don’t like the sound of it point blank period when you come up with allegations like that on people and you have no evidence after you put yourself in that situation it sounds kind of like fraud to me. The news crew doesn’t make it any better on how they over exaggerate on the news story when it comes to the black man or any black artist that is accused of these sexual allegations. If you don’t get what I’m saying see what reporters had to say while shooting the story.

(see clip here)………. Reporter butchers Chris Brown

Heres what Chris Brown had to say about the allegations…….. 

Now we all know Chris Brown has done a lot of messed up things, but personally, don’t believe that he was foolish enough to try something like that in A foreign country. Neither do I believe this woman who is accusing him doesn’t know who he is and didn’t know what she was doing when she went back to that hotel room with him.

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Once again it is so horrible how we let social media, reporters, & youtuber’s tear people apart without receipts first, It’s like being guilty until proven innocent. I don’t know about you but it’s just something not right here with this story and I hope it comes to A head soon.


  • What do you think about the new allegations on Chris Brown?
  • Do you believe Chris Brown is capable of such A crime?
  • Do you believe it is fair they detain him in Paris until they prove his innocence?

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